Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is well-equipped, sophisticated with multimedia. Every student gets an individual computer for their practicals.


The Science laboratories are well-equipped, sophisticated. The laboratories are spacious,  well-furnished with all necessary equipment, and are managed by dedicated faculties and lab technicians. There is a separate computer lab for the students seeking computer science as the optional subjects.


Students and faculty members can take full advantage of a well stocked and computerized library which has a good and wide variety of textbooks, and other reading materials. This department is handled separately by the Librarians, aided by the assistants.


NSS provides good infrastructure and physical facilities. The New building at Lainchour for the Faculty of Science and Management is well furnished and ideal for teaching-learning programmes.

Extra Classes

NSS makes every attempt during the academic period to ensure the regular classes and assignments to encourage students’ own effort in studies so that they can achieve the objective of education. However, if some students require special assistance, extra classes are held for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

Pre- Entrance Classes

NSS has also developed curricula for Pre-medical and Pre-engineering classes. They gain a thorough grasp and extensive knowledge of the subjects which they have to prepare for various competitive examinations.

Extra Curricular Activities

To develop the multidimensional personality of the students, NSS gives equal importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Sports festival is held each year to encourage the students in sports. They can also take part in other educational and cultural activities like Debate, Quiz, Poetry, Essay, Music, Dance, Art and other social programmes.

Educational Tour

Field trips to different sites are organized to augment theoretical knowledge. There are arrangments for the biological excursions, participation in exhibitions, industrial visits, etc.


NSS, in order to disseminate current scientific events, has been regularly publishing a monthly journal- Science Monitor for the last eight years. Besides this, the students of faculty of Science and Faculty of Management publish Explorer and Agenda respectively. The magazines are the true platform to exhibit the creative potential of the students.